Friday 20. May 2022

Our Idea


Who we are

  • We are church. Christian belief is the foundation and motivation for our commitment. We are an institution of the Diocese of Linz, but our offers are aimed at members of all denominations and religions and also at those who are not members of any religious community. Everyone is welcome and can contribute with his/her skills.
  • We are active in the university environment. Our offer is aimed at all students and staff in research, teaching and administration at the universities and colleges in Upper Austria.
  • We are on the way with young people. We are present at several locations: at the JKU campus for our campaigns, in the KHG center at Mengerstraße 23 (right next to the JKU campus), at the University of Teacher Education in the Diocese of Linz and in the Salesianum and Petrinum student dorms. But our activities always lead us beyond these places too.


What we do

  • We have an attractive program of events. Every semester we create a varied and contemporary program on thematic issues, art and culture, spirituality and activity. Our program is developed together with students. It is a program made by and for students, which is based on their needs and expectations.
  • We offer a space for learning and experience. The KHG thrives on young people helping to shape and get involved. That is why we encourage and enable volunteering, which can be both selective and long-term. With us, things can be tried out and young people can grow up and face new challenges.
  • We broaden horizons. We give suggestions for young people to develop into attentive, alert, responsible and value-conscious people. We inspire critical and holistic education and make enthusiasm and joy in life tangible.
  • We live together. In the KHG, young people find a home and can get to know each other in a community, meet each other and create networks. They also learn to take on social responsibility and to go beyond the spheres of pressure to perform, consume and commerce.
  • We have a voice. We have alternatives to the economic, political and social mainstream, which should provide trendsetting impulses. Our standards and offers are complementary to the requirements and offers of the universities. In this way, we engage in a dialogue between science, culture, religion, economy, technology and ethics and therefore provide a platform.
  • We listen and help. Our university pastors accompany students and other members of the universities in Upper Austria with help and support in various situations as well as in their search for orientation and meaning.


What we stand for

We are part of the Catholic Church, which we want to actively help shape and develop. That is why we also take a stand on issues that are controversial within the church. We stand for openness, tolerance, respect for one another, sustainability and solidarity. We oppose all forms of misanthropy, racism and discrimination. We advocate gender equality and treatment. For us, all people are the same - regardless of origin, religion, skin color, gender and performance. Our commitment is based on the Christian faith. We support and accompany students in their search for God and / or meaning in life, but we do not convert anyone.

KHG Leben
4040 Linz
Mengerstraße 23
Telefon: 0732/244011-4573
Katholische Kirche in Oberösterreich
Diözese Linz

Herrenstraße 19
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