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Mag. Dr. Joachim Jakob BA MA

Head of Catholic University Community Linz

"The mind is the bearer of faith." (Moses Maimonides, died 1204)







Science and university on the one hand, faith and church on the other: these are the two poles where life takes place in the KHG. For me it`s important to bring both sides into conversation; to ask questions together; to discuss and look for answers while bridging the trenches that open up in our time.


I have been part of the KHG Linz team as head of the Catholic University Community since January 2019. Before that, I studied theology and history at the University of Salzburg. After that I was a research assistant at the University of Salzburg, where I did my doctorate in church history in 2018. I look forward to numerous encounters with students and university employees in Linz! For me, the KHG is a place of cosmopolitanism, community and 'being together on the way'. Every person is unique and has it's own story, where he/she can find a place with us - regardless of what he/she believes or doesn't believe.




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Mag.a Stefanie Brandstetter Bakk.

University Pastor


"Here I am human, here I can be."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Faust





As a university pastor, I am available for all students, regardless of their denomination. I see myself as a spiritual companion on the sometimes challenging path of their studies. I try to look at the whole human (student) beyond pressure to perform and external expectations. To take them serious and communicate with them at eye level. I have been a pastor of the KHG since September 2018 and have previously finished the Bakip in Steyr and theology studies in Linz.


Before that I was a consultant for the Catholic Youth Austria and teacher at the HTL. In my spare time I like to be with people and play music. Right now I am at one of the “branch offices” of the Catholic university community. My offices are the Pedagogical University of the Diocese Linz (PHDL) and the student home Salesianum. I also deal with the task of how to establish university pastoral care at other university locations. I look forward to visits and discussions.




Mobile: +43 (0) 676 / 8776-3504

Individual talks by arrangement

Office at the PHDL and in the Salesianum student hostel




Mag. (FH) Gerald Schuster

University Pastor









I have been a pastor in the KHG since 2015 and I see myself as a partner, initiator, listener, questioner, information provider, organizer, ...depending on what is currently needed by students.


At the KHG, we especially try to create a place where the pressure to perform is not so important. We try to create time and space for new ideas, creativity, deep thoughts, fun, ...

Therefore, a warm welcome to a short break in your studies by taking part in one of our program events. Or by just stopping by and having a short coffee break with us at the KHG-center.




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Individual talks by appointment



Mag.a Sarah Emberger

Organizing Officer


“Everything is going to be fine in the end.
If it's not fine it's not the end.”

― Oscar Wilde




One year of stay-at-home mum improved my social skills immensely (patience, responsibility, organisational skills,…) but now it’s back to the office to plan and organise a diverse programme for and with you. During my studies of social economics, I lived in the Jägerstätter-Heim and enjoyed many different events. The team of the KHG helped to broaden my horizon and I found many new friends and a “home from home”.


I stayed in Linz and now have the great opportunity to work in the KHG and do this myself. To enable students to find their talents (never thought I would sing in the KHG-choir) and enhance their interests.


If you have an idea for an event just contact me!




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Individual talks by appointment




Mag.a Cornelia Erber

Office manager









I was able to look after a blind sibling couple at a youth festival, where they made wonderful music with friends. When greeting the audience they said: “Dad always says life is colorful. Well, we have to believe him, because we can’t see ”.


I also believe in a colorful and diverse life - may it be through the encounter with others, through dealing with topics, through actions and through faith and spirituality. The KHG is therefore an ideal place. A place to live and implement this colorful life. The exchange, togetherness and also foresight is the key and should be encouraged.


I am therefore very pleased that I am part of the KHG and can get to know you. I manage our main office in our KHG-Centre M.23. I studied sociology at the JKU and have been in different occupational fields since then. I'm very interested in culture - in theater, in cinema and in art institutions. I do yoga, I like to go hiking and I learn playing the guitar. I always have time for conversations - especially when they are coupled with coffee and cake.




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