Monday 23. May 2022

Events in English

Not sure if your German is good enough for long talks or discussions about specific topics? Don’t worry! At most of our events, language doesn’t matter or we can easily switch to English. Like the choir, the bike tour, picknick & music or the Jazz Jamsessions...


But there are also some events specifically designed for international students. You can find them listed below. Don’t be shy and use the opportunity to get to know the city and other people. We’re looking forward to meeting you!



Easter Church Service

Wed., 20.04.2022 | 6.30 pm| KHG-Zentrum, Prayer Room (Raum der Stille)

Especially for exchange students, we offer a church service in English right after Easter. Nevertheless, everybody is welcome to join and celebrate the service with us. Afterwards you are welcome to stay for food and drinks.




Thur., 28.04.2022 | 6.30 pm| Jugendkirche „Grüner Anker“, Linz

Church-Movie-Night? Is that for real? YES!!
We will use the inside of the church as a perfect place to watch a movie together. Drinks, nice talks and discussions after the mo vie and a nice surrounding are waiting for you.


For further information and registration please contact us via email: or check our website.



Mural Harbour

Sun., 22.05.2022 | 2 pm| Meeting point: Busstop „Posthofstraße“, Linz

We get a guided tour through Europes biggest graffiti and mural gallery at the harbour in Linz. Informations about the artists of contemporary art in this special place - don‘t miss it!

Please register until 01.05.2022:



Excursion to Concentration Camp Mauthausen (Memorial)

Sun., 26.06.2022 | 1 pm| Meetingpoint: KHG-Centre

Mauthausen was one of the first massive concentration camp complexes in Nazi Germany,
and the last to be liberated by the Allies. We will get a 2-hours-guided tour through the whole
complex in English.

The transfer will be via bus, starting at our KHG-Centre, Mengerstraße 23, 4040 Linz.
Afterwards we’ll visit a traditional cider taverna and should be back in Linz about 6 pm.

Costs: 5 € per person
Please register until 17.06.2022:



Lectures for future

Lecture Series about Climate Crisis and Sustainability

The climate crisis is by far the greatest challenge that our society will have to face in the coming years – even if it is far from being perceived as such in politics and society. Thats the reason to spread the awareness for this big issue to a lot of people.


The lectures for future serie is made by the group „Scientists for future“. KHG is supporting this lecture. A lot of different topics will be discussed by experts from various fields of research. The lectures in this series are open to anyone interested.

The lectures will be held as a hybrid - at the KHG-Center and online as a zoom meeting. Afterwards there is the possibility to discuss and to ask questions.

Mon.,|07.03.2022 / 21.03.2022 / 04.04.2022 / 02.05.2022 / 16.05.2022/
30.05.2022 / 13.06.2022 / 20.06.2022 | 6 pm| KHG-Centre, Gallery or online

You can finde more information about this event on the website or on:



Deep talk and mentoring

Need someone to listen?

Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes it‘s not that bad, but you are on the verge of making a life-changing decision and you just wish for someone impartial to listen and look at the pros and cons with you. Or you just want to talk.


Either way, as student chaplains we want to give you help and support. We listen to your thoughts and the challenges life throws at you and together we try to find a way through. Our offer is to take the time, ask the right questions and really listen to you! Conversations with the student chaplains are in confidence and open to all, regardless of religious belief and ideology.


To secure enough time for an uninterrupted conversation we recommend making an appointment. 


Either at

or directly with one of the student chaplains via call or WhatsApp Message:
Stefanie Brandstetter 0676/ 8776-3504

Gerald Schuster 0676/ 8776-5561



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