Monday 27. September 2021

Events in English

You are free to join all of our events, whereas many of them are focused on German speaking students. Nevertheless we try to introduce more and more offers for foreign students as well:



Sport Activities

Our students sport club is called "Traktor". Sport speaks an international language and brings people together, so feel free to take part in our "Traktor-Events".



Prayers and Church Services

X-Mas Church Service in English

Thursday, 23.12.2021, 18:30, Room of Silence, KHG Centre Mengerstrasse 23


Especially for our exchange students, we offer a church service in English right before Christmas. Nevertheless, everybody is welcome to join and celebrate the service with us.




Personal Talk

In case you have troubles and questions in life, or in case you just want somebody to talk to, you are welcome to come around for a personal chat. Our university pastors are good at listening!



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