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KHG-Centre M.23

Mengerstrasse 23, 4040 Linz


Room of silence

The former chapel of the Catholic University Community in Linz was built in 1968. As part of the redesign in 2001/02, the room was given a completely new concept as an interreligious “room of silence at the university”.


The artistic implementation comes from the young artists Andrea Barth, Andrea Krenn and Peter Kulev, who won the competition arranged by the Linz University of Art.

Their concept impresses with the extensive integration of the original building structure as well as with radical clarity and consistency, in both material and formal terms. In its “desert-like” sparseness, the room represents a deliberate counterpoint to the overflowing and hectic atmosphere of pulsating university life. At the same time it offers scope for diverse forms of religious use, as well as for temporary artistic designs.


Gallery cafe

This room is the former KHG indoor pool, which offers a special atmosphere. There you can find larger events such as big meetings, lectures, concerts, theater performances, etc..

At the same time it’s the place of the “KHG gallery”, which is operated under the motto "Kunst im Bad - Art in baths”. Numerous young artists opened their first own exhibitions there.


Jazz cellar

These rooms are known to everyone who likes to jazz and jam. Our Jazz-Jam Sessions regularly take place in the jazz cellar, offering more or less professional musicians the opportunity to play music together and to break new ground.



KHG Petrinum P.12

Petrinumstrasse 12, 4040 Linz


Room of Silence

A prayer room is also available in the Petrinum student home. Like the dormitory, it was opened in 2009. Since then it has been used for prayers, meditations and as a space for silence.



KHG Salesianum S.5

Salesianumweg 5, 4040 Linz


Office & Bar


KHG Leben
4040 Linz
Mengerstraße 23
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