Friday 7. August 2020

10th anniversary of the beatification of Franz Jaegerstaetter

Franz Jägerstätter. © Jägerstätter

In 2017 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the beatification of Franz Jaegerstaetter on October 26th. Since his birth and baptism, 20 and 21 May, it is 110 years. The day of his baptism is the official day of remembrance of Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter.

Diocesan Bishop Manfred Scheuer will celebrate the Eucharist. In honor of Franz Jaegerstaetter we will hear the Missa by Pavel Smutny, whick sounds particulary beautiful in the Linz Cathedral. 

As in previous years, rather unknown examples from the "cloud of witnesses" are to be put into view on the occasion of the Jaegerstaetter Memorial Day. 

Erna Putz accidentally encountered the fate of the trappists of Engelszell during the Nazi period. Five monks were in the concentration camp, four were starving there. The abbey was expropriatedk, the abbot and other monks imprisoned. Father Konrad Just OCist from the Wilhering Abbey, survivor of the concentration camp, in July 1945 has made aware the diocese of the fates of the priest martyrs. The answer is still pending.


Invitation to celebrate the anniversary of Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter


Sunday, 21 May 2017 in Linz and Engelszell, Austria




10:00 am Linz Cathedral, Holy Mass with Bishop Manfred Scheuer 

The choir sings the "Missa in honorem Franz Jaegerstaetter" by Pavel Smutny


12:30 pm lunch in Cafe Scheuer in Haibach with the parents of the bishop


4:00 pm Abbey of Engelszell: Remembrance of the martyrs

"What we did not talk about" reading and short film

"Religious Order scatterned in all directions" lecture by Erna Putz on the fate of monks and abbey Engelszell


5:30 pm pontifical vespers with Bishop Manfred Scheuer


We are looking forward to your participation.


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