Wednesday 19. June 2019

International Jägerstätter Commemoration 2015 in St. Radegund, Austria

This year once again many people from Austria, Italy and Germany participated in the lectures and memorial services on the 72nd anniversary of the execution of Franz Jägerstätter.

On Saturday afternoon, Francesco Comina, founder and coordinator of the Peace Centre in Bolzano, gave a lecture about Josef Mayr-Nusser (1910 - 1945) from Bolzano, Italy, in the Jägerstätter farmhouse in front of around 70 people. Francesco Comino and the South Tyrolean historian Leopold Steurer showed parallels to Jägerstätter and talked about the situation of the German-speaking South Tyroleans, who in 1939 had to decide between staying in the Italian South Tyrol, or emigrating to the German Reich. Especially the Catholic peasant population predominantly opted for "Staying" – and so did the family man Josef Mayr-Nusser. Nevertheless, he was drafted into the Waffen-SS in 1944, but for religious reasons refused to take the oath. He was arrested because of subversion of the war effort and, therefore, was to be transferred to Concentration Camp Dachau. During the transport Josef Mayr-Nusser died in a railroad car on February 24, 1945.

On Saturday evening about 120 people saw the new Jägerstätter movie "One Of Us", where also director Lothar Riedl and producer Peter Schierl were present and answered questions on the film.

In the parish church of St. Radegund, which had been closed for renovations since Easter and was opened again this Sunday for the first time, Benno Elbs, diocesan bishop of Feldkirch, Austria, celebrated the festive service.

On Sunday afternoon, members of Pax Christi Austria and Pax Christi Italy read letters from Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter in the Jägerstätter farmhouse. Afterwards Pax Christi held a prayer in the parish church at the hour of death of Franz Jägerstätter. Under the motto "God loves the stranger" (Dt 10:18) the commemoration was dedicated to the current victims of war, especially to the refugees who died during the escape and those who arrive in our country and do not feel welcome.

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