Sunday 20. September 2020
Kunst im Bad - Vernissage Julia Witzeneder
„Singing friends to sleep“
19:00 Uhr
KHG Leben
Mengerstraße 23
4040 Linz
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Singing friends to sleep covering my ears while blasting sad songs on the stereo of my mind to drown my irregular heartbeat as not to panic about fading connections I‘m choking on words unspoken blocked by too big of an emotion everything I didn‘t say that one time we had sworn to be honest I cork up the words which come easier when rhyming as if I found a glitch in the program of my malfunctioning brain singing helps too but my voice always cracks near the end taking a swing waves carrying away heavy thoughts maybe you happen upon an old, battered bottle one day and reminiscing about people long gone you stumble over a thought of me

I hope you bury me in the backyard of your home


Julia Witzeneder, *1993 in Schärding, studiert seit 2015
an der Kunstuniversität Linz


Ausstellungsdauer: 6. November 2020

KHG Leben
4040 Linz
Mengerstraße 23
Telefon: 0732/244011-4573
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